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Downstream Oxygen Sensor

The Montana Auto and Fabrication Downstream Oxygen Sensor Simulator provides the necessary signals to the vehicle's onboard computer to simulate a missing stock downstream oxygen sensor.

With the simulator in place the computer no longer activates the check engine light, informing the driver of a malfunctioning catalytic converter.

The MAF sensor simulator was designed for continued off-road use.

The simulator is built from rugged mil spec components which ensure a long lifetime and increased reliability. Its small design allows it to be placed in tight areas away from hot or moving parts. Its metal construction and epoxy coating provide increased durability and a tight waterproof seal.

The simulator was designed for use with the wide temperature range found in automotive applications. The simulator is designed to operate in temperatures as low as -55° C (-67° F) and as high as 150° C (302° F).

The Downstream Oxygen Sensor Simulator is designed to work with almost all vehicles. It is compatible with all two wire and three wire systems as well as most four wire systems.

The simulator is designed to work only for the downstream oxygen sensor. Installation on the upstream sensor will result in poor engine performance.

Full instructions come with the device. Additional help is available by calling or emailing MAF.

Finally, the simulator is for OFFROAD USE ONLY. Use on-road and to pass emissions testing is illegal. MAF is dedicated to providing quality products and stands behind them. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the Downstream Oxygen Sensor Simulator it can be returned for a full refund minus shipping within thirty (30) days of purchase. Thank you for considering the MAF Downstream Oxygen Sensor Simulator - View Product Documentation Oxygen Sensor - View Product Documentation 

Price: $56  
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