Quick silver, Cherokee 2500

This 2001 Cherokee came out of Washington and was bone stock when we received it. The customer had it shipped to our location site unseen and that's when the modifications began! Toyota axles front and rear with 4.88 gears and Detroit lockers. A custom 3 link up front and race ready leafs out back. double bypass shocks are at each corner as well as air bumps front and rear. A custom roll cage that is part exo and part internal connects the uni body together to stiffen the whole jeep up. The engine is super charged 4.0 with custom cam and head work. The whole jeep is wrapped up with the Cherokee 2500 kit from china. These 2500 Cherokees are china's versions of the us Cherokee and parts for them are only available from china. This Build was featured in September 2017 in JP Magazine!