AW4 Override Switch


The override consists of two parts, the switch and the override module. The switch is mounted to the dash while the override is connected to the transmission computer.

The override works with all years of Cherokees, it will not trigger the check engine light in post 1997 Cherokees.

  • Will not trigger the check engine light
  • Will not activate limp mode in the transmission
  • Simple install
    • Plug and play design
      • Uses the stock jeep connectors
      • Eliminates installation mistakes
    • Only one wire to splice
    • Includes all necessary hardware
    • No special tools required
    • Full instructions with pictures and drilling templates for the dash plate
      • OBD1 and OBD2 versions available
      • Illuminated display that dims with the dash
      • High quality rotary switch
        • Gold plated contacts to increase reliability and lifetime in harsh conditions
        • Positive action makes it easy to switch without looking at the display
      • Sharp looking dash plate matches most interiors
      • Designed for long life
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The AW4 Transmission Override works in conjunction with the gear shift lever to release the computer’s control of first and second gear. The override consists of a rotary switch that is mounted on the dash. The override has three positions, “D”, “2”, and “1”. In the “1” position the transmission will maintain first gear regardless of the computer’s status, rpm, and speed. Engine braking in first is available when the gear shifter is in the “2-1” position, otherwise the transmission will freewheel. Freewheeling is accomplished by the hydraulics in the transmission and prevents damage when the override is accidently activated at high speeds. While in the freewheeling mode the transmission will still provide power. In the “2” position the transmission maintains second gear. This position will allow starting from a stop in second gear and will provide engine braking when the shifter is in either the “3” or the “2-1” position. When the override is in the “2” position and the shifter is in the drive position the transmission will freewheel. The final position in the override is the “D” position. In the “D” position the override has no effect and the transmission shifts normally.

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